The most common mistakes that are made in protein diets

Protein diets in recent years are one of the most widely used diet regimens, and interest in them is growing more and more.

Proteins are an important building block in almost every organ of the body, and they also affect hair, bones, skin, and so on.

But many people do not get the desired results because they make smaller or bigger mistakes from the start:

  1. Choose unhealthy sources of protein
    It is not just to insert the required amount of protein, but food is also important. Of course, there are proteins in sausages and bacon, but surely there are no healthy choices such as veal, chicken or fish.

Use homemade dairy products or those that are of known origin, eggs and, of course, plant proteins.

  1. Forget that there are plant proteins
    When starting a protein diet, many people exaggerate the intake of meat and fish. What they forget is that there are also plant proteins, which are even better than the animal, because they also have fiber, vitamins and minerals.

Plant proteins are found in beans, legumes, seeds and mushrooms, each carrying more nutrients for a healthy life.

  1. Exaggerate with eating
    Protein diet does not mean you need to overeat foods rich in protein. It can have even the opposite effect and it is stored as body fat or may interfere with kidney function, which is a serious health threat.
  2. Do not drink enough water
    Regardless of the chemical reaction that occurs in your body after protein intake, do not forget to drink water, because now you need more than in a typical diet.

Pay attention to the water intake if you are physically active. Regardless of everything, stay hydrated.

  1. Eject the other foods
    Protein diet does not mean that you only throw on meat, but you should also combine it with vegetables and cereals. Fats, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients are crucial for the functioning of your body.

Consult the nutritionist in which ratio you should combine these groceries.

  1. Do not practice
    Exercise and proteins can be great allies for the benefit of your body. Therefore, once you get used to the new diet, return to the usual pace of exercise.

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