“No Dinner Diet” – Lose 4 Pounds In One Week In A Healthy Way

These days many people have one same problem- overweight, and more people are constantly trying to maintain the desired weight with exercise and proper diet.

We can see many kinds of diets every day on the Internet, some with excellent results and some, unfortunately not. From the sea of diets everyone needs to do to find the diet that will fit on their body, sex and age (preferably in consultation with the doctor). Of course, it is very difficult to implement diets that require starving, they require a certain schedule and precise foods that should be eaten at precise time. Despite these diets lately in America has become a very popular the  “without dinner” diet, which you can lose up to 4 pounds in a week.

The diet is very easy and simple and does not require any special foods and additional costs. The main rule of the diet is that you have to skip dinner, and that for 16 hours you should not eat anything until the next morning. 16 hours is prescribed limit for people who used to go to bed before getting up, but if you have a different biorhythm, or you are a “night”, the term can be moved and the distance between the last meal the previous day and the first meal of the day should be at least 14 hours.


The most important thing about this diet is to give yourself a little time to adjust to body changes.

At the beginning you will be constantly hungry and need to survive since shortly after the body gets used to the new situation. After all, hunger is a normal condition of man and the best sleep we have is when we go hungry.When we go to bed hungry, the energy, that our body would have used for digestion of food that we consumed at night, is using to eliminate the harmful substances, increased levels of hormones and cell regeneration. Daily intake of excessive amounts of food is causing damage to many organs, health problems and overweight.

According to this diet you should not eat anything after 16.00 pm .

You can drink water, herbal teas and other beverages that contain no calories, which will reduce hunger and eliminate toxins accumulated during the day.

The American Research Center Dietetics found that the implementation of this diet has many benefits, such as weight reduction, it’s making you younger or delay aging and better sleep. Experience with this diet is largely positive, and the results of people who stopped eating after 16 o’clock is really impressive. In the first week they lost around 4 pounds and then lose weight faster. People who implement this diet lost 36-40 pounds for two years, and lost weight do not come back because the body get used to this new diet.

source: http://freshfitnews.com/2016/08/19/no-dinner-diet-lose-4-pounds-one-week-healthy-way/

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