THE CHRONO DIET – People Report Losing Over 30 Pounds In 28 Days!

The Chrono diet is really popular lately. Many people who were on this regime claim that they lost a lot of weight and recommend it to everyone who needs to lose weight to try it.

Ground rules for chrono diet create an alkaline environment in the body , proper timing of meals daily at a distance of 4 to 6 hours between them, sufficient water intake. Those who want to reduce weight with chrono, first start with etc. limit of at least 28 days, when the body adapts to the diet. Restrictive period applies until they reach the desired weight, and then it passes, as it is called, non restricted period. The breakfast contains carbohydrates, protein and fat. Lunch and dinner, however, protein and vegetables.

Doctors emphasize that a good diet need to be approved by a doctor.


Breakfast: eat animal fats and whole-grain carbs. According to Delabos, our bodies secrete plenty of the enzymes that handle fats and protein when we wake up, so breakfast can be a rich, greasy meal with bread, butter, eggs, ham, sausage and cheeses. This meal fills you up so that you’re less hungry during the day. Yay! A baguette smeared with cheese or scrambled eggs with ham —so worth getting up for!

Lunch: mostly protein (animal or other) along with about 8 tablespoons worth of starchy carbs like rice, pasta, potatoes or beans. No vegetables! Save them for dinner. According to le doctor, the “mineral salts” in vegetables eaten during the day cause weight gain and cellulite. Wow – first time we’ve heard a doctor not recommending veggies!

Afternoon Snack: eat a small bit of vegetable fats: avocado, olives, nuts, peanut butter, honey or 30 grams of dark chocolate—a little over two tablespoons worth. Or fruit.

Dinner: this is the lightest meal of the day, with fish, shellfish, lean meats and eight tablespoons of green vegetables. Or if you’re still full from the other meals, just skip it!

Every day you can have a glass or two of red wine or champagne (other wines are too sugary). Other than that, keep drinking water.

Each week, you can have any thing you want for two meals. Maybe that’s where cakes, cookies and pastries come in?


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