28:28 Fat-Burning Diet and Meal Plan

If you haven’t heard of the famous diet, 28:28 yet, then this is your best chance.  It is one of the most popular diets in the world lately, and that’s because it can guarantee you the best results.

Medy Couts, a makeup artist from Australia, decided to try the famous 28: 28 diet plan and exercising with personal trainer Sam Vood, which resulted with losing 5.3 pounds and 13 inches at the waist in less than a month!


This system consists of 28 minute training for 28 days. Medy at the beginning had 180 pounds, and now, at the end she has 168 pounds. She says that the training sessions were not really exhausting so she could easily be adapted into her everyday responsibilities, although she trained every day.

– For the first five days she followed the exercises from the video channel (we suggest Fitness Blender) that her fitness trainer suggested, and the other two she can do anything – running, cycling, swimming, walking – says the 23-year-old.
She adds that the best in this program is that you do not get bored, because the exercises are various, and the regime of food keeps you feel full for hours.

Suggestion for a daily diet

Breakfast: green smoothie of chia seeds, avocado, mint, banana and honey.
Lunch: grilled vegetables – broccoli, potatoes, red peppers, boiled egg, almonds, pumpkin seeds, avocado, hummus
Dinner: baked salmon with peas and cauliflower

Therefore, it’s enough exercising four series of seven different exercises from 50 seconds and 10 seconds pause, a total of 28 minutes, and you will be tip-top!


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